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(Jas)Mina / 19 / INFJ / Australia

~* You can call me flower if you want to *~

Contact: sweetsoulshopp(at)gmail
if you're a small business looking for someone to review your handmade items~!

All things sweet, romantic & pale;
Dark, mysterious and cadaverous.
Lolita and gyaru fashion.
Sweet lil feminine humanist.
♡ Feminist cutie for equality ♡
Anti-porn-industry activist.
Southern metal, deep house, old school happy hardcore.
Drummer, technomancer, video gamer, eternal learner, (ancient astronaut theory enthusiast).

deer frolicking
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[source: part 1, part 2]

In Australia, call 13 11 14

In New Zealand, call 0800 543 354

In the US, call 1 800 273 8255

In the UK, call 0800 068 41 41


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The dude taking my passport photos was like ‘pls stop pouting / pursing your lips. Is that your natural mouth? Are you making a face?????”

I’M SORRY I’M SO JUICY MATE (no but really I look like a deer in headlights and my mouth is just generally pouty it was really embarrassing I probably seemed so vain to him or something ; A ;)

One of the best presents I ever got was when data-pusher , sequentialcircuits and I stayed at milkykitten's house on a warm spring day and after coming back from the beach Dolly and I were in the kitchen preparing afternoon tea and we sent the husbandos off to gather supplies from the fruit market for guacamole and they walked for 20 minutes each way in the nice sun because none of us had anywhere to be and when they returned I was ushered into the kitchen with a very serious “come in here for a second” and I was surprised with a whole punnet of the freshest, reddest strawberries I've ever seen in my life~!! We all ate some and they were so delicious and every strawberry to this day is a minor disappointment in comparison. The most exciting part is that soon all of that can happen again ; A ;

Breakfast time 🍴🌞

Breakfast time 🍴🌞

"What this is really about is men accusing feminists of sexism and hypocrisy unless they can prove that they spend exactly half of their time, energy, and resources on campaigning on behalf of men. What this is really about is that if feminism only improves the lives of women, it has no value or importance. What this is really about is that feminism only has value if it works on behalf of men and improves the lives of men. What this is really about is anti-feminist men being threatened by women working for women. What they’re really saying is that to talk about women, to focus on women, to point out that something affects women badly; all of this is of no importance or value. It’s classic, really - because men are not always the focus of attention of feminism, these anti-feminists can’t stand it."

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Street Art byDavid Zinn

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Please don’t tell girls “The boy who’s picking on you actually just likes you”

Even if it’s true, you shouldn’t teach girls to respect that sort of affection.

And you should definitely not teach boys that expressing their attraction to women through violence and disrespect is ok.


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Rodarte - Christian Louboutin Shoes


Rodarte - Christian Louboutin Shoes

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