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(Jas)Mina / 19 / INFJ / NSW AUS
~* You can call me flower if you want to *~

Contact: sweetsoulshopp(at)gmail
if you're a small business looking for someone to review your handmade items~!

All things sweet, romantic & pale;
Dark, mysterious and cadaverous.
Lolita and gyaru fashion.
Sweet lil feminine humanist.
♡ Feminist cutie for equality ♡
Anti-porn-industry activist.
Southern metal, deep house, old school happy hardcore.
Drummer, technomancer, video gamer, eternal learner, (ancient astronaut theory enthusiast).

deer frolicking

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Amateur attempt at a shironuri style~I am a child of the forest ; 3 ;

Amateur attempt at a shironuri style~
I am a child of the forest ; 3 ;

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8 months ago : Sunday Nov 11 2013 @ 03:58pm
tagged as: me. personal. p0kemina. shironuri. japanese. fashion. forest. fairy. mori. mori in there somewhere kinda i promise. fawn.


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